Zero (Nightmare Before Christmas) Amigurumi Pattern

Look what i found, and with Halloween just around the corner! Nightmare Before Christmas is such a classic, and i’ve always loved Zero, Jack’s adorable dog (I refuse to call him spooky, i mean, look at him!). If you love him as much as i do, then this easy Amigurumi Pattern it’s perfect for you.

This pattern, and the pictures you will see on this post, belongs to Bertorulez, this is only the translated version. Please, check out her blog to find many other amazings pattern!

Bertorulez photo
Bertorulez´s photo

Stitches and terms:

  • MR -Magic Ring
  • st -Stitches
  • sc -Single Crochet
  • inc -Increase
  • dec -Decrease
  • dc -Double Crochet
  • *  -Repeat around 


R1: MR 6st  (6)

R2-4: sc around  (6)

R5: *1inc, 1sc*  (9)

R6-7: sc around  (9)

R8: *1inc, 2sc*  (12)

R9: 6sc *1inc, 1sc*  (15)         

R10: 6sc *1inc, 2sc*  (18)

R11: 6sc *1inc, 3sc*  (21)

R12: 6sc *1inc, 4sc*  (24)

R13: *1inc, 3sc*  (30)

R14: *1inc, 4sc*  (36)

R15-20: sc around  (36)

R21: *1dec, 4sc*  (30)

R22: *1dec, 3sc*  (24)              

R23: *1dec, 2sc*  (18)

R24: *1dec, 1sc*  (12)

R25: 1dec around  (6)

Ears:   (x2)

R1: MR 6st  (6)

R2: inc around  (12)

R3: *1inc, 1sc*  (18)

R4: sc around  (18)

R5: *1dec, 1sc*  (12)

R6-9: sc around  (12)

R10: *1dec, 2sc*  (9)

R11-14: sc around  (9)


R1: MR 6st  (6)

R2: inc aroud  (12)

R3: *1inc, 1sc*  (18)

R4: *1inc, 2sc*  (24)

R5: *1inc, 3sc*  (30)

R6: *1inc, 4sc*  (36)

R7: *1inc, 5sc*  (42)

R8-12: sc around  (42)

R13: 2dc in every stitch of the round


  • For the nose you can either make a little felt ball, or you could make a 4st or 5st magic ring and then close it (if you want it to be bigger, make a round with sc and THEN close it)
  • To make the collar you can use ribbon or felt, or just make chain stitches (as long as you want it) and then attached to the neck 

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