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Realistic Rat (Amigurumi Free Pattern)

This little cuties are the reason why I’ve been crazy bussy this last week (and why I wasn’t too active here as well). I had the pleasure of making them as my last comission for this year, and I’m super happy with how they look. I don’t think most people know, but rats are actually incredible pets -smart and super friendly beings- which is why I was so thrilled to make them!

I needed to have the three of them done in just one week, and boy did I struggle (specially with the black and white one).  The pattern it’s super easy, and it’s meant so you can modify it into the combination of color that you need, you just have to change colors whenever you like. 

Terms and Stitches:

  • MR- magic ring
  • sc- single crochet
  • sc3tog- single crochet two together
  • sp st- slip stich
  • inc- increase
  • dec- decrease
  • ch- chain
  • st- stich
  • * *– Repeat instructions between asterisks until the round ends 
  • ( )- Repeat instructions between parentheses as many times as directed

Head and body:

With main color. Stuff while working.

R1: MR 6sc   (6)

R2: *1sc, 1inc*   (9)

R3: 1sc around   (9)

R4: *2sc, 1inc*   (12)

R5: 1sc around   (12)

R6: *3sc, 1inc*   (15)

R7: 1sc around   (15)

R8: *4sc, 1inc*   (18)

R9: 1sc around   (18)

R10: *5sc, 1inc*   (21)

R11: 1sc around   (21)

R12: *6sc, 1inc*   (24)

R13: 1sc around   (24)

R14: 1sc, sc3tog, 9sc, 3inc, 8sc   (25)

R15: 12sc, 4inc, 9sc   (29)

R16: 1sc around   (29)

R17: 4sc, 1dec, 11sc, 1inc, 8sc, 1dec, 1sc   (28)

R18: 4sc, 1dec, 9sc, 1inc, (1sc, 1inc)x2, 5sc, 1dec, 1sc   (29)

R19: 12sc, 1inc, (2sc, 1inc)x2, 10sc   (32)

R20: 1sc, sc3tog, *6sc, 1inc*   (34)

R21: 1sc, (7sc, 1inc)x4, 1sc   (38)

R22: 1sc around   (38)

R23: (1sc, 1inc)x2, 34sc   (40)

R24-36: 1sc around   (40)

R37: *6sc, 1dec*   (35)

R38: 1sc around   (35)

R39: *5sc, 1dec*   (30)

R40: 1sc around   (30)

R41: 2sc, 1dec, 1sc, 1dec, 3sc, 1dec, 5sc, 1dec, 6sc, 1dec, 3sc   (25)

R42: 1sc around   (25)

R43: *3sc, 1dec*   (20)

R44: *2sc, 1dec*   (15)

R45: *1sc, 1dec*   (10)

R46: 1dec around   (5)

Fasten off and cut the remaining yarn.

Ears:   (x2)

With pink.

R1: MR 4sc, 1ch and turn   (4)

Close the ring

R2: 1inc, 2sc, 1inc, 1ch and turn   (6)

R3-5: 1sc around   (6)


With pink. Stuff very lightly.

R1: MR 4sc   (4)

R2: *1sc, 1inc*   (6)

R3-4: 1sc around   (6)

R5: *2sc, 1inc*   (8)

R6-45: 1sc around   (8)

Legs:   (x4)


First piece (fingers)

With pink.

MR 4sc (each st will be a finger)

-4ch, 3sp st

-1sp st in the next st, 5ch, 4sp st

-1sp st in the next st, 5ch, 4sp st

-1sp st in the next st, 4ch, 3sp st

Close the ring tight


Second piece

Start with main pink. Stuff gently.

R1: MR 7sc   (7)

R2-3: 1sc around   (7)

Change to main color

R4-6: 1sc around   (7)


  • Join piece one and two (pink at the bottom) together.
  • Sew the tail to the body. I used the place where I closed the body at the end as my sewing point.
  • Sew the rest of the parts to the body and add the eyes (I made them with french knots)

And you’re done! Feel free to sell your own plushies made with this pattern, but please do not claim it as your own. If you wish, you can also share it as long as you provide a link back to my blog 🙂

I’m dying to know what you all think! 

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