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Mickey Mouse inspired keychain (Amigurumi Pattern)

I was looking for the perfect gift for a Mickey-obsessed friend when I saw this cute keychain on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a pattern, so I said to myself “let’s do this”. As a result, i’m now here sharing it with you all. It is super easy, and super fast to make.

Feel free to make cute keychains to sell with this pattern, the only thing I ask it’s give credit to this blog, not claim it as your own, or to sell the pattern. 


  • Black and red yarn
  • White or yellow thread
  • I used a 3mm hook

Stitches and Terms:

  • MR -Magic ring
  • sc -Single Crochet
  • inc -Increase
  • dec -Decrease   
  • * * – Repeat instructions between asterisks as many times as directed, or until the round ends 


Start with red

R1: MR 6   (6)

R2: 1inc around   (12)

R3: *1inc, 1sc*   (18)

R4: *1inc, 2sc*   (24)

R5: 1sc around   (24)

R6: *1inc, 3sc*   (30)

R7-8: 1sc around   (30)

Change to black

R9-10: 1 sc around   (30)

R11: *1dec, 3sc*   (24)

R12: 1sc around   (24)

R13: *1dec, 2sc*   (18)

R14: *1dec, 1sc*   (12)

R15: 1dec around   (6)


(Make two)

Starting with black

R1: MR 6   (6)

R2: 1inc around   (12)

R3: 1inc around   (24)

Close leaving a long tail


  • Make the two lines on the front with the thread of your liking (i used yellow, but you could also use white)
  • Sew the ears on the top. Be careful not to sew too much, or the ears will bend a bit
  • Add the ring to finally make it a keychain!

That’s it! I’m dying to know what you all think, so let me know on the comments. Also, be sure to tag me on instagram, i want to see all those cuties 🙂

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