Jack Skellington (Free Amigurumi Pattern)

I was looking through my instagram and saw the Jack Skellington I uploaded some time ago and thought to myself, I bet someone would love knitting their own Jack.

We also have a Zero -Free- Pattern available in case you want to add another amigurumi into your Nightmare Before Christmas collection

It is super important that you guys know that this pattern belongs to Nichole’s Nerdy Knots, however I can’t seem to find this particular pattern (and many others) anymore 🙁 It’s a shame, really, because her patterns are so detailed and beautiful.

Terms and Stitches:

  • mr -Magic Ring
  • sc -Single Crochet
  • dc- Double Crochet
  • sl st- Slip Stitch
  • inc -Increase
  • dec -Decrease
  • ch -Chain
  • * * – Repeat instructions between asterisks as many times as directed, or until the round ends 

Legs:   (make 2)

With black. Don’t stuff.

R1: mr 8   (8)

R2: 1sc around   (8)

R3: 2sc, 4dc, 2sc   (8)

R4: 2sc, 2dec, 2sc   (6)

R5-til the end: 1sc around until you have the desired height (about 6 inches and a half).The double crochet in R3 make the shoe’s form.

Finish off and cut the remaining thread of just one leg. 


With black. Stuff while working

To start the body, we need to join the two legs together.

R1:  sc around. Count 5sc for each leg and 2sc in the union of both legs   (14)

R2-10: sc around   (14)

Change to white

R11: 14sc   (14)

R12: 6sc, 1inc, 6sc, 1inc   (16)

R13: 7sc, 1inc, 7sc, 1inc   (18)

R14: 8sc, 1inc, 8sc, 1inc   (20)

R15: 9sc, 1inc, 9sc, 1inc   (22)

R16-17: sc around   (22)

Finish by leaving a long strand to sew the open side (where the head will be placed)


With black


R1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across   (19)

R2: 1dec, 15sc, 1dec   (17)

R3: 1dec, 13sc, 1dec   (15)

R4: 3sc, 1inc, 7sc, 1inc, 3sc   (17)

R5: 5sc, 1inc, 5sc, 1inc, 5sc   (19)

R6: 3sc, 1inc, 11sc, 1inc, 3sc   (21)

R7: 5sc, 1inc, 9sc, 1inc, 5sc   (23)

Jacket tails:

With black

Let’s go back to the jacket, the bottom part, to make the pointy ends

R1: skip 6, 6sc, 1ch and turn   

R2-6: 6sc, 1ch and turn. To make the tails:

  • 1st Tail: 10ch, sl st across the chains, sc in the first st, sl st in the next one.
  • 2nd Tail: 10ch, sl st across the chains, sl st in the next one.
  •  3th Tail: 10ch, sl st across the chains, sl st in the next one.
  • 4th Tail: 10ch, sl st across the chains, sc in the first st, sl st in the next one.

Jacket Lapel:

With black

R1: 21ch   (21)

R2: sl st around starting from the 2nd ch from hook  (20)

Arms:   (make two)

Start with white. Don’t stuff

R1: mr 4   (4)

R2: *1inc, 1sc*   (6)

Change to black

R3-to end: sc around   (6)

The arms should be aprox. 4 inches and a half (without the fingers)


With white

R1: mr 3   (3)

R2: inc around   (6)

R3: inc around   (12)

R4: inc around   (24)

R5-9: sc around   (24)

R10: dec around   (12)


R11: dec around   (6)

R12: dec around   (5)

R13-14: sc around (to make the neck)   (5)

Bat tie:

Bat head

R1: mr 4, don’t close it

R2: 3ch, 1spl st, 3ch. 1sl st and 1sc to join

Fasten off and cut the remaining thread.

Bat wings (make two)

-Starting with 2ch:
R1: 1sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1ch and turn 
R2: 1inc, 1ch and turn
R3: 2inc
-1/3: 5ch, 4sl st across the chains, sl st in the first st, 1 sc in the next.
-2/3: 6ch, 5sl st across the chains, 1sc in the next one.
-3/3: 3ch, 2sl st, 1sl st in the last st.
Note: I made the tie with black felt.

The fingers are chains made using a smaller hook
-Two fingers: 5ch
-Four fingers: 8ch
-Two fingers: 6ch
Each hand has 4 fingers on it. To give them more consistency and form, you can use glue or lacquer

Aaaaand we’re done! (after you make the final details on the face, and sew every piece together, of course). Don’t forget to thanks  Nichole’s Nerdy Knots for this fantastic pattern.

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