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Amigurumi Heart for beginners (Free Pattern)

I can’t think of a better pattern for a beginner to start their crochet-addiction. This heart amigurumi is not only very simple, but super cute as well!

Read me ⇢ This pattern belongs to Leithygurumi Amigurumi, so make sure to take a look at her page if you liked it, she has many others gorgeous amigurumi patterns for free

Leithygurumi Amigurumi´s photo
Leithygurumi Amigurumi´s photo


Stitches and terms:

  • MR –Magic ring
  • st –Stitch
  • sc –Single crochet
  • inc –Increase 
  • dec –Decrease 
  • ch — Chain

Heart´s top (x2):

R1:  MG 6st     (6)

R2: inc around     (12)

R3: (1sc, 1inc) repeat x6     (18)

R4: (2sc, 1inc) repeat x6     (24)

R5: (7sc, 1inc) repeat x6     (27)

R6-9: sc around     (27)

Cut the yarn of the first piece only.

Heart´s Bottom:

R10: 24sc on the first piece, and 24sc on the second piece (sew the 3st together)     (48)

R11: sc around     (48)

R12: (14sc, 1 dec) repeat x6    (45)

R13: (13sc, 1dec) repeat x6     (42)

R14: (12sc, 1dec) repeat x6     (39)

R15: (11sc, 1dec) repeat x6     (36)

R16: (10sc, 1dec) repeat x6    (33)

R17: (9sc, 1dec) repeat x6     (30)

R18: (8sc, 1dec) repeat x6     (27)

R19: (7sc, 1dec) repeat x6     (24)

R20: (6sc, 1dec) repeat x6     (21)

R21: (5sc, 1dec) repeat x6     (18)

R22: (4sc, 1dec) repeat x6     (15)

R23: (3sc, 1dec) repeat x6     (12)

Start stuffing

R24: (2sc, 1dec) repeat x6 (9)

R25: (1sc, 1dec) repeat x6 (6)

Finish stuffing and yarn over.

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