Bunny Keychain (Amigurumi Pattern)

Today I bring you my little bunny pattern, I think it makes a very cute keychain. If you follow us on Instagram (@triziana_shop) you might already have seen it, and gosh, I just think it’s a real cutie ❤

Feel free to make your own bunnies to sell with this pattern, the only thing I ask it’s give credit to this blog, not claim it as your own, or to sell the pattern. 


  • White and pink yarn
  • I used a 3mm hook!

Stitches and Terms:

  • MR -Magic Ring
  • sc -Single Crochet
  • inc -Increase
  • dec -Decrease
  • ch -Chain
  • * * – Repeat instructions between asterisks as many times as directed, or until the round ends 


R1: MR 6   (6)

R2: 1inc around   (12)

R3: *1inc, 1sc*   (18)

R4: *1inc, 2sc*   (24)

R5: 1sc around   (24)

R6: *1inc, 3sc*   (30)

R7: *1inc, 4sc*   (36)

R8: *1inc, 5sc*   (42)

R9-13: 1sc around   (42)

R14: *1dec, 5sc*   (36)

R15: *1dec, 4sc*   (30)

R16: *1dec. 3sc*   (24)

R17: 1sc around   (24)

R18: *1dec, 2sc*   (18)

R19: *1dec, 1sc*   (12)

R20: 1dec around   (6)

Stuff firmly and close, leaving a long tail.

Ears:  (make 2)

R1: MR 5   (5)

R2: 1inc around   (10)

R3: *1inc, 1sc*   (15)

R4: *1inc, 4sc*   (18)

R5: *1inc, 5sc*   (21)

R6-7: 1sc around   (21)

R8: *1dec, 5sc*   (18)

R9-10: 1sc around   (18)

R11: *1dec, 4sc*   (15)

R12-13: 1sc around   (15)

R14: *1dec, 3sc*   (12)

R15-16: 1sc round   (12)

Do not stuff

Pink part of the ear:  (Make 2)

At the end of every round, turn and chain 1

R1: Chain 3, with 2ch from the hook, make 2sc   (2)

R2: 1sc around   (2)

R3: 1inc around   (4)

R4: 1sc around   (4)

R5: 1sc, 1inc, 2sc   (5)

R6: 1sc around   (5)

R7: 2sc, skip 1, 1sc   (4)

R8: *skip 1, 1sc*   (2)

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