Amigurumi Unicorn (Free Pattern)

Is it just me, or are unicorns getting the attention they deserve? I just keep seeing them e v e r y w h e r e , and to be honest, I couldn’t be happier. Unicorns are one of my favorite creatures ever, they make everything more magical, you know? This fellow would make the perfect gift for a magical-and-cute-kind-of thing lover ^_^

This magical pattern is Ms. Eni’s property, sadly, she had to put down her blog 🙁 I was so, so happy when I found it on my notebook (I had it translated to spanish), I was planning to make this cutie later.

Terms and Stitches:

  • mr -magic ring
  • sc -single crochet
  • dc- double crochet
  • hdc- half double crochet
  • sl st- slip stitch
  • inc -increase
  • dec -decrease
  • ch -chain
  • * * – Repeat instructions between asterisks until the round ends 

Legs:   (make 2)

With white


Starting from 2ch from hook:

R1: 4sc in one of the sides of the ch, 4sc in the opposite side   (8)

R2-3: 1sc around  (8)

R4: *1inc, 3sc*   (10)

R5-6: 1sc around   (10)

R7: *1inc, 4 sc*   (12) 

At the end of R7, fasten off with a sp st and cut the remaining yarn for the first leg only. For the second, keep working to start the body


Continuing with the second leg, we’ll join the first leg

R8: 5sc, 2ch, 1sp st (in the first leg), 11sc, 2sc (in the 2ch we did before), 1sp st (you’ll be working in the firts leg again), 6sc   (28)

R9-15: 1sc around   (28)

R16: 12sc, 4dec, 8sc   (24)

R17: 12sc, 2dec, 8sc   (22)

Let’s keep working to make the neck

R18: Put a marker, 6sc, flatten the body and continue on the opposite side with 5sc. You should be in the marker again   (11)

Sew the remaining stitches of the back. Don’t forget to stuff

R20: *1sc, 1inc*   (18)

R21: *2sc, 1inc*   (24)

R22: *3sc, 1inc*   (30)

R23: *4sc, 1inc*   (36)

R24-28: 1sc around

R29: *4sc, 1dec*   (30)

R30: *3sc, 1dec*   (24)

R31: *2sc, 1dec*   (18) 

R32: *1sc, 1dec*   (12) 

R33: 6dec  (6)

Fasten off and cut the remaining yarn.

Ears:   (Make 2)

With white. Don’t stuff


Starting from 2ch from hook: 

1sc, 1hdc, 5hdc in the same stitch, 1hdc, 1sc, 1ch 

Close with 1sp st in the sc we made in the first chain. Leave a long tail.


With yellow:

R1: mr 3sc   (3)

R2: 1inc, 2sc   (4)

R3: 1sc, 1inc, 2sc   (5)

R4: 4sc, 1inc   (6)

R5: 6sc, skip 1, 1sp st   

Fasten off leaving a long tail


You can make this piece either with white or with a completely different color (just like the picture)

R1: mr 6sc   (6)

R2: 1inc around  (12)

R3: *1sc, 1inc*   (18) 

R4:  1sc around

sp st fasten off and leave a long tail. Stuff gently


Make every arc with a different color

20ch with the “main” mane color

Starting from 2ch from hook:

(1dc, 2dc, 2ch, 1sp st) = first “arc”, *1sp st, (2ch, 3dc, 2ch, 1sp st)* = arc

* * Repite until end

To make bigger arcs, make more dc


The tail is formed by 3 pieces, use a different color for each one. The middle one is the largest (and the first we’ll make)


Starting from 2ch from hook:

-2sp st




-3dc in the same stitch


-1sp st

-1sp st, 2sc in the same stitch

-2hdc in the same stitch

-2dc in the same stitch



-1sp st

sp st fasten off.

For the remaining two pieces: 


Starting from 2ch from hook:

-2sp st




-3sc, 2ch, 1sp st in the same stitch

Leave a long tail to join all 3 pieces together

Once you make the face details, you’ll be done 🙂

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