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Amigurumi Cube Kitty Cat (Free Pattern)

My all-time weakness has always been adorable animals, so when i saw this pattern i knew i had to shared it with all of you. Be warned, when you see how easy it is, you’ll want to make many of these cute kitties.

This pattern belongs to Crafty Bunny Bun, who has the cutest animal patterns EVER. Seriously, go ahead and take a visit to her Ravelry, show her some love, because she definitely deserves it. All photos belong to her as well.

Kitty Amigurumi
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Stitches and Terms:

  • MR -Magic Ring
  • st -Stitch
  • sc -Single Crochet
  • 2sc inc -2sc in the next st (increase by 1)
  • 3sc inc -3sc in the next st (increase by 2)
  • sc2tog -2sc together 
  • sc3tog -3sc together 
  • *  * -Repeat around 
  • ( ) -Repeat for the x amount of times specified


R1: MR 4sc  (4)

R2: *3sc inc*  (12)

R3: 1sc, 3sc inc, (2sc, 3sc inc)x3, 1sc  (20)

R4: 2sc, 3sc inc, (4sc, 3sc inc)x3, 2sc  (28)

R5: 3sc, 3sc inc, (6sc, 3sc inc)x3, 3sc  (36)

R6: 4sc, 3sc inc, (8sc, 3sc inc)x3, 4sc  (44)

R7: 5sc, sc2tog, (9sc, sc2tog)x3, 4sc  (40)

R8-13: sc around  (40)

R14: 4sc, sc3tog, (7sc, sc3tog)x3, 3sc  (32)

R15: 3sc, sc3tog, (5sc, sc3tog)x3, 2sc  (24)

Stuff well. It is recommended that the nose is placed between R11 and R12, and the eyes one row above the nose, but it is completely up to you how you want it to look.

R16: 2sc, sc3tog, (3sc, sc3tog)x3, 1sc  (16) 

R17: 1sc, sc3tog, (1sc, sc3tog)x3  (8)

Legs:  (x4)

R1: MR 5sc  (5)

R2: *2sc inc*  (10)

R3-7: sc around  (10)

Leave long tail. Do not stuff

Ears:   (x2=)

R1: MR 5sc  (5)

R2: 2sc inc, (1sc, 2sc inc)x2  (8)

R3: *1sc, 2sc inc*  (12)

R4: *2sc, 2sc inc*  (16)

R5: *3sc, 2sc inc*  (20)

Leave long tail. Do not stuff

Sew the ends of the ears as shown below

Crafty bynny bun´s photo


R1: MR 6sc  (6)

R2-12: sc around  (6)

Leave long tail. Do not stuff


  • Attach the legs to the bottom of the body, you can use the picture as a reference, but you should put them however you prefer it.
  • Attach the ears so one ends is on R3 and the other is on R7. If you want it to have an extra touch, curve them a little as shown in the picture below
  • Sew the tail at the back of the body (R12)
Crafty Bunny Bun´s photo

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