About us

Hi friends! First of all, I just want to thank you for taking a moment to visit my blog.

My name is Vanesa, and I’m a 21 years old Venezuelan who got herself caught over the amigurumi-family-addiction.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed with making my very own plushies. It took me a couple of years (and many failed attempts), but I can say that I made that dream come true in the most creative, fun and relaxing way: through amigurumi. 

I am on this little adventure with my mother (who, by the way, it’s the one who introduced me into this world, and who taught me everything I know). We work from home with a lot of dedication and tons and tons of love.

A few fun facts about me?

  • My favorite color is lila.
  • My first amigurumi was a Kero-chan (From CardCaptor Sakura)
  • I used to practice surf a couple of years ago.
  • I LOVE to read, draw and play videogames (and crochet, but that’s a bit obvious haha)
  • I’m obsessed with Studio Ghibli’s movies, Pokémon and Final Fantasy.
  • I have a beautiful doggie called Lena, she used to be a stray and I swear she’s so smart it scares me sometimes.

Btw, as you can probably guess, English is’nt my first language, so if you happen to catch any mistake, please do let me know, and again, thank you!